I am an irish mathematics teacher and amateur travel photographer, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand after 3.5 years living on the Isle of Man. I am into a wide range of music, from chillout tribal and electronica to blast beat hardcore and metal, and I have played in a number of different hardcore, metal and industrial bands. I am intrigued how different passions and intricate sonic vistas can be evoked or simulated through music. Aside from music, my main passions are travel, photography and, funnily enough, travel photography! My website currently showcases pictures i have taken from 60 countries. It is a perpetual work in progress which I am beginning to doubt will ever be complete. My favourite places include Cappadocia (Turkey), Plitvice (Croatia), Palmyra (Syria), and Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia). I am moved by the beauty of the world and unbridled human potential, both physical and spiritual, but bemused and disturbed by the blatant flaws of the human condition as expressed all around us politically, culturally and socially. Though i am not religious I like to keep in mind the saying ‘how do you make god laugh? Tell him you have plans!’ I am therefore not above self-perpetuating contradiction as I am somewhat of a compulsive planner!
Keep things interesting. Expect the unexpected Avail of every opportunity to express your creativity. Don’t look too far for hidden truths. Don’t trade syncronicities for comfort. It took me until 25 to realize I’m still young. Avoid people who think they know the answers, keep the company of those
who try to understand the question.

My travel map so far!